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Worbla's Finest Art - A4 size

90% of 100

Worbla's Transpa Art - A4 size (clear thermoplastic)

90% of 100
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From the makers of Worbla's Finest Art (WFA) comes Worbla's Transpa Art (WTA), a transparent thermoplastic!

Unlike traditional WFA, WTA heat activates at a higher temperature of 120C/250F. We strongly recommend using gloves and tools when handling WTA. This thermoplastic will hold marks, so smooth gloves should be worn. Join this material with glue (of course choose clear, solvent-free types!) or with a hot soldering iron, taking care not to burn the edges. Residues can be cleaned up using nail polish remover or acetone.

It takes time to get used to WTA's properties - it's best to be patient and start small.

Check out the video below for more tips on how to use this material including shaping, using molds, colouring and more! (Enable captions for English translation!)

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