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Wig Head Clamp - Coscraft

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Wig Head Clamp

98% of 100
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This new version comes in its own little bag for neat storage.

We've all had that problem - wig heads moving about and toppling over when we're trying to style a wig. This clamp lets you slot your wig head on top so that it won't run away from you. Clamping your wig head at the edge of a table also means you can let long wigs hang over the edge rather than pile up and tangle on the table.

Most polystyrene foam heads have a hole at the bottom, you can simply slot it onto the clamp. If yours doesn't have a hole, just make one! Professional wig heads always have a hole for this purpose.

This clamp is made of strong ABS plastic and does not break easily.

(A new version of this product has been available since 16 October 2020. Reviews made prior to this date refer to the previous version.)

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