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Wig Band (Black)

90% of 100

Wig Band (Black)

90% of 100
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Back-heavy wigs that keep sliding backwards? Not enough of your own hair under the wig so you can't use hair pins or wig grips to help secure your wig? Your head is small and your wigs keep moving around?

This is a stretchy band, fastened by velcro (adjustable size), that is worn under the wig. Its fabric will help keep the wig from shifting!

It also provides a barrier between your forehead and the elasticated edge of the wig, so if you tend to suffer from "wig burn" from wearing wigs for too long, this band will make it more comfortable for you.

The wig band works by using the nap (direction) of the fabric to grip onto the wig, so make sure you wear it the right side up. You can wear it on its own or over a wig cap.

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