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Wig grips - brown (pack of 4)

Do you have a lopsided wig, or are you wearing a heavy ponytail and the wig keeps slipping towards the back? This will help!

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Wig Grips - Brown (pack of 4)

Wearing elaborate styles or clip-on ponytails often mean one side of your wig is heavier than the other, so over the course of the day your wig will start tilting towards one side. Wig grips can help!


There are 6 holes in each grip. Just sew these to the lace of your wig, and clip them to your mesh wig cap/hair when you put your wig on. Remember you'll need a mesh wig cap for the grips to work!


There are 4 grips in this pack. Each grip is 32mm long, 13mm wide.