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Colour Ring (52 colours)

Colour ring with all of our regular colours.

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Colour Ring

A ring with all our current, regular wig colours, useful for checking it's the colour you need and also gives you a good feel of the texture. Each sample on the ring is about 16cm long.

The current colour ring (January 2018) has 52 colours:


Reds: Dark Auburn, Mahogany Red, Muted, Red, Cherry*, Fuchsia, Milkshake Pink, Rose Pink, Soft Pink


Browns and Blondes: Very Dark Brown, Matt Dark Brown, Rich Dark Brown, Toffee, Chestnut Brown, Sandy Blonde, Caramel, Dark Strawberry Blonde, Melon, Peach, Mango, Gold, Primrose Yellow, Pale Yellow Blonde, Milkmaid Blonde, Pale Ash Blonde, Ash Blonde


Greens: Dark Green, Midnight Green, Forest Green, Lime Green, Pale Teal, Slate Green


Blues: Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Peacock Blue, Midnight Blue, Darkest Blue, Blue-Grey


Purples: Lilac, Greyish Purple, Plum, Purple, Deep Purple, Darkest Purple


Blacks, Greys and Whites: Black, Natural Black, Grey, Silver, Misty White, White


*Please note that due to a production error, the label on the Cherry colour is incorrect. Therefore we will put a sticker over the tag and hand write the correct colour name onto it. This does not affect the actual colour sample! However if you prefer all the colour samples to have the same "look" then please purchase a separate colour sample (only £0.25!) when we have correctly produced stock, or wait until then to buy the whole colour ring.


(Cherry, Very Dark Brown, Pale Ash Blonde, Dark Green and Plum were added in January 2018. Customers with the old 47-colour ring can purchase the additional colours here to expand their ring.)