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Vayne in Ginger

80cm / 31½ inches long lace front wig.

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Cosplay Wig - Vayne in Ginger

Vayne is a long, straight lace front wig with a shaped hairline that creates a widow's peak. If you need a straight hairline rather than a widow's peak, you can trim it off or untie the fibres from the lace. From the centre, the hairline follows a gentle curve to the temples, then curves back near the ears.

Lace front wigs are great for swept-back style where the hairline is visible. Fibres are hand-tied to the lace to create the illusion of hair growing from the wearer's scalp.

To wear a lace front wig, trim the lace to suit. You can leave it as it is or stick it down using pros-aide or wig glue. The lace is in a medium-toned skin colour, if your skin is much darker or lighter in shade then you may need to apply a bit of makeup to help hide the joint.

There are two grips on the inside of the wig to help secure it to your head. We recommend wearing a mesh-style wig cap, instead of a traditional wig cap, so that the grips can work.

Matching accessories available:

straight wefts

straight ponytail clips

Not sure if this is the colour you need? Get a colour ring or a single colour sample.



  • Overall length: 80cm / 31½ inches
  • Parting: none
  • Fibre: heat resistant fibre