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Cosplay Vayne by Coscraft

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Vayne (42 colours)

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Due to labour issues caused by the pandemic, we currently do not have a restock date for this wig style. However, we do have lace sections which can be added to regular wigs to create the lace front effect.


Vayne is a long, straight lace front wig with a shaped hairline that creates a widow's peak. If you need a straight hairline rather than a widow's peak, you can trim it off or untie the fibres from the lace. From the centre, the hairline follows a gentle curve to the temples, then curves back near the ears.

Lace front wigs are great for swept-back style where the hairline is visible. Fibres are hand-tied to the lace to create the illusion of hair growing from the wearer's scalp.

To wear a lace front wig, trim the lace to suit. You can leave it as it is or stick it down using pros-aide or wig glue. The lace is in a medium-toned skin colour, if your skin is much darker or lighter in shade then you may need to apply a bit of makeup to help hide the joint.

There are two grips on the inside of the wig to help secure it to your head. We recommend wearing a mesh-style wig cap, instead of a traditional wig cap, so that the grips can work.

Please note that the lace on this wig is a stiff lace, to help support heavy styling. If you are looking for a soft lacefront, this might not be the right wig for you! The lace area is also made larger based on customer feedback, however some customers might find that it is too long and covers their ears. If that is the case and the wig is not suitable, please contact us before you make any modifications to the wig.

Matching accessories available: wefts and ponytail clips.

Not sure if this is the colour you need? Get a colour ring or a single colour sample.


  • Overall length: 80cm / 31½ inches
  • Parting: none
  • Fibre: heat resistant fibre
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