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Worbla's Finest Art - 750 x 500mm

NEW LOWER PRICE! The stuff everyone's talking about! Perfect for armour, weapons, masks, jewellery and more.

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Worbla's Finest Art - 750 x 500mm

Weight: 0.5kg

Because of the size and weight of this item, additional shipping charges apply for orders outside UK. Please check the delivery page for details! (For shipping charges purposes, each sheet of this size counts as half of 750 x 1000mm sheet.)

Worbla's Finest Art is a thermoplastic that's ultra cosplayer-friendly. It cuts easily with a knife or a pair of scissors. Then simply heat it up with steam, hot water or hot air (90°C), and it'll become mouldable. Once it's cooled down it goes hard again.


Worbla's work with spray paints and acrylics very well. There is glue on the shiny side, so multiple layers can be added when it's hot. And because it's only about 1mm thick, it's very good for creating details.


Don't throw away any leftovers! They can be heated up and then rolled together, then you can use it like putty.