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Worbla's Crystal Art - 250g

Clear themorplastic pellets.

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Worbla's Crystal Art - 250g

Clear thermoplastic pellets that can be shaped when heated. Great for accessories and other objects: crystals, gems, horns, sculptures! Form the shapes you want by hand, with some tools or use a silicone mould.

Use appropriate gloves and other heat protection when using this material.



  • Activation temperature approx. 110°C
  • When cooled, it stays slightly flexible, more like "stable rubber" rather than "hard plastic".
  • No shrinkage while heating or cooling.
  • You can insert LED lights to make it glow.
  • Can be painted with most paints.
  • Can be dyed with polyester dyes or acrylic paints. You can even add glitter!
  • Good adhesion to itself and other Worbla's Art series of products.