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Worbla's Meshed Art - 750 x 500mm

Thermoplastic with mesh on one side.

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Worbla's Meshed Art - 750 x 500mm

Weight: 0.5kg

Because of the size and weight of this item, additional shipping charges apply for orders outside UK. Please check the delivery page for details!

Worbla's Meshed Art - it's Worbla with a mesh on one side! Just like Worbla's Finest Art, it is activated by heat (80-90C recommended) and can be moulded and remoulded as many times as you like.

With mesh on one side the Worbla’s Meshed Art is less susceptible tearing when using eyelets, studs and similar additions. It is the perfect supplement for forming and strengthening works with leather or fabrics. It is also great for curvatures and organic forms.

The glue in the Worbla's Meshed Art is stronger than in the Worbla's Finest Art, so edges can be blended well together.

All kind of colours such as acrylics and spray paints can be used for painting the WMA. We recommend priming the surface before painting.

Don't throw away any leftovers! They can be heated up and then rolled together, then you can use it like putty.

Like all the other materials from the Worbla’s Art series, WMA is absolutely non-toxic and solvent-free. It is made partially from recycled rice husks, a sustainable resource that is integrated into the material through high-quality processing.