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Silicone Heat Mat

Provides a non-stick surface for you to do thermoplastic work.

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Silicone Heat Mat

This mat is a good investment for anyone who works a lot with thermoplastics. The silicone surface is non-stick, making life much easier! It is entirely smooth and therefore will not leave marks on your work. You can also heat your scrap thermoplastic on it, fold the mat so that the plastic is between two layers of silicone, and roll the scraps into a new sheet using a rolling pin!

Size: approximately 60 x 50cm. Rolls up into a thin tube for easy storage.

Please store away from sunlight to avoid damage to the silicone material.

When using the mat for the first time, there might be a slight odour from the silicone. This is safe and will fade very quickly.

Over time and with prolonged use, the silicone may change colour. This does not affect the performance of the mat.

This mat works as a non-stick surface, and provides moderate heat insulation. However, if your work surface can be easily damaged by heat, we recommend putting something heat proof between the mat and your work surface. Also, do not use this as a cutting mat, it is not a cutting mat!