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The Book of Prop Making by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay) - Coscraft

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The Book of Prop Making by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay)

100% of 100
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Make detailed and sturdy props with EVA foam and Worbla's Finest Art!

Over the years Kamui has written and made videos of many cosplay making tutorials, and now they are available in book form! This book is fully illustrated, with many step-by-step guides.

This is part 3 of her books and covers:

– Basic Materials
– Preparation & Tools
– Scaling
– Creating Weapon Patterns
– Separating Weapons for Transportion
– Shaping Foam
– Covering Foam with Worbla
– Detail Work

Featured examples include:

– Heartseeker Ashe’s Bow (League of Legends)
– Norn Zweihänder Sword (Guild Wars 2)
– Infinity Spear (Lineage II)
– Gorehowl Axe (World of Warcraft)
– Malthael’s Scythes (Diablo III – RoS)
– Crusader’s Flail (Diablo III – RoS)
– Gladiator’s Greatstaff (World of Warcraft)

The book is 48 pages long, in full colour, and written in English.

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