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The Book of Foam Props by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay)

The Book of Foam Props by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay)

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In 48 pages and over 200 pictures Kamui will show you everything you need to know: drawing and scaling blueprints, cutting, gluing and sanding EVA foam, making your props detachable, creating textures, working with foam clay, priming, painting, with many useful examples and step-by-step guides.

Over the years Kamui has written and made videos of many cosplay making tutorials, and now they are available in book form! This book is fully illustrated, with many step-by-step guides.

This is part 11 of her books and covers:

– Why use EVA foam?
– Materials and tools
– Drawing blueprints
– Basic techniques
– Working with PVC pipes
– Separating props
– Building a sword from scratch
– Creating textures
– Sculpting with foam clay
– Priming and painting

Featured examples include:

– Mastersword (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
– Hylian Shield (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
– Nergigante Claws (Monster Hunter World)
– Aloy's Spear (Horizon Zero Dawn)
– Taki's Sword (Soul Calibur)

The book is 48 pages long, in full colour, and written in English.

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