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Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive (6oz)

6oz (approx 170ml) thick cream adhesive.

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Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive (6oz)

This is the 6oz (about 170ml) size jar. It measures approx 7.2 x 7cm.

The cream adhesive is a thick version of the normal adhesive and sticks just as well. The thick consistency also makes it good for for filling in seams or gaps in appliances and create scars or textures in molds.

For over 30 years, Pros-Aide® adhesive has been the worldwide industry standard for use in the professional medical prosthetic and special effects make-up industries.

Pros-Aide® is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is non-irritating. But as with all cosmetics and chemicals, we recommend that you do a small patch test before using it on large areas.

All Pros-Aide® products are water-based and completely safe. When dry, Pros-Aide® adhesive gives absolute waterproof bonds to all skin surfaces – the kind of adhesion that is required with medical prosthetic applications and the demanding needs of professional special effects make-up artists.

Instructions included.


CAUTION! Always make sure you use the remover (available here) to remove this adhesive from your skin. This is a very strong adhesive and if you just rip off your prosthetics/special effects by hand, you can damage your skin!