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Resin Clay - 250g

100% of 100

Resin Clay - 250g

100% of 100
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Resin clay has been a long time favourite for those making jewellery and other craft pieces.

Our resin clay requires no mixing and no baking - just sculpt, then let airdry. Finished pieces are strong and unlikely to shatter when dropped. Even if it has been rolled out thinly (eg making flower petals), it does not easily tear, and remains slightly flexible so it does not crack when it is bent or folded!

Resin clay can be painted, or dyed by kneading acrylic paint into it (we recommend using the white option for this.) Finished pieces need to be varnished to ensure longevity.

This product dries to a very fine, smooth finish. To glue pieces together, you should use super glue, hot glue or epoxy glue.

Choice of black or white available.


  • Clean working, will not stick to hands or surfaces.
  • Dries in a few hours ot a few days depending on the size of your work.
  • Dries to a very smooth finish.
  • Cured pieces can be glued using super glue, hot glue or epoxy glue.
  • Finished items need to be varnished.
  • Once opened, keep unused resin clay in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out.
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