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Customers in EU and Norway please use our eBay shop. More details here


Import VAT Exemption Limit (De-Minimis) Removal & IOSS

Import VAT Exemption Limit (De-Minimis) Removal & IOSS

9TH JULY 2021 UPDATE: Customers from EU and Norway please use our eBay shop, where the correct amount of tax will be collected by eBay and paid to the authorities on your behalf. You may need to change the "item location" setting to "worldwide" to see our listings.

Giftcards: customers who wish to use giftcards please contact us at, we will make special arrangements for you.

Import VAT exemption limit (de-minimis) of 22€ will be removed on 1 July. So ALL import packages from outside EU to inside EU will be subjected to VAT, even lower value ones. Therefore, we recommend buyers from the EU to make their purchases by 28th June, as we anticipate teething problems with the new system and delays in delivery due to additional customs procedures.

Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a scheme that will be implemented across all countries in the EU from 1 July 2021. Participants of the scheme will be able to collect VAT on behalf of EU customers importing from outside the EU.

The above graphic summarises how it'll affect customers from the EU. For this example, we've used Germany as the delivery country, which has 19% VAT for most goods. This will change depending on your country, for example Poland's standard VAT is 23%.

The admin fee also varies. In some countries it's 4-8€, in others it's over 20€.

Without IOSS participation (pink boxes), packages of any value will be taxed and there will be an admin fee per package.

The IOSS scheme (blue boxes) will make it much clearer to you the total amount you need to pay, and not get a nasty surprise later on via the customs office. You just pay the shop the whole amount, and there will be no more bills. It'll be very good for avoiding those high admin fees. Customs will have less reason to hold your package, unless they want to check the contents.

Coscraft will be joining the IOSS as soon as the systems are ready.