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Dylon Pre-Dye

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Dylon Pre-Dye removes colour from fabric so that it is suitable for dyeing to a lighter colour.

Formulated for use in automatic front loading washing machines.

Read box for detailed instructions.

Suitable for: cotton, viscose, linen and nylon. Not suitable for wool or silk, polyester, acetate, acrylics or fabrics with special finishes.

Some colours such as bright greens and blues, royal blues, turquoises and indigo (denim) may NOT be suitable for treatment.

IMPORTANT – One box will treat up to 2.5kg of fabric – this is much more than a box of Machine Dye. If buying Machine Dyes as well, you only need one box of Pre-Dye for every 4 or 5 boxes of Machine Dye. The whole box must be used at once.

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NOTE ON FABRIC DYES As the result of dyeing projects depend on numerous factors including fabric type, weight, heat and more, Coscraft cannot give detailed advice on using these products. We strongly suggest doing your own research and tests before committing a large amount of material to any project!.

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