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Dylon Fabric Hand Dye (22 colours)

Dylon Fabric Hand Dye (19 colours)

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Please note that Dylon is changing the names of some of their colours. You may receive dye with the old or new name during this changeover, but the colour will be the same. Even with the old name the dye is perfectly useable. We will never sell out of date stock.

Sandy Beige = Pebble Beige

Plum Red = Burlesque Red

Vintage Blue = China Blue

Deep Violet = Intense Violet

Passion Pink = Flamingo Pink

Forest Green = Dark Green

Available in 19 colours, Dylon Hand Dye sachets are ideal for small projects or custom work such as tie-dyeing.

You will need 250g of salt to use with each sachet.

Read packet for detailed instructions.

Suitable for: cotton, linen and viscose. Mixes with synthetics will dye to lighter shades. Pure synthetics will not dye.

One sachet dyes 250g of fabric to full shade or larger amounts to lighter shade.

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NOTE ON FABRIC DYES As the result of dyeing projects depend on numerous factors including fabric type, weight, heat and more, Coscraft cannot give detailed advice on using these products. We strongly suggest doing your own research and tests before committing a large amount of material to any project!.

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