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Cohaku Volume 04 - English

Volume 4 of Cohaku, the cosplay magazine.

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Cohaku #04 - English

Cohaku is a beautifully-presented magazine filled to the brim with guides, interviews and photoshoots.


Table of contents:

Sewing & Textiles

- The ABC of Sewing Machine Feet – Part 1
- The ABC of Interlinings
- Working with real leather
- Making your own Floral Decorations

Costume Presentation
- Making your own Buzzcut-Wig
- Stubble for Everyone
- Perfectly styled High Ponytails

- Weathering Techniques
- Making your own Muscle Suit
- AWorking With Worbla's Black Art
- Working with the "Arduino" System

- An Interview with Liui Aquino
- Coffee, black – Cohaku Photoset

- Photographer's Feature: Pugoffka
- Using Natural Light in Photography

Cover: Liui as Spark (Pokémon Go)
Photographer: Joseph Conrad Impas

Length: 164 pages
Size: 16.5 x 23 cm
Language: English
Release date: 1 September 2017