Fosshape 600gsm (per 0.5m)

A soft, pliable fabric that can be formed and shaped into hard shapes using steam or heat, perfect for head pieces and costumes. 45 inches/114cm wide.

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Fosshape (per 0.5m)

Fosshape is a soft, pliable fabric that can be made into hard objects using steam or dry heat. It can be cut, sewn to other fabrics, and painted. It stays permeable and breathable after even hardening, and being lightweight, it's great for making headgears, masks and other costume pieces.


You can heat Fosshape with a steam iron or hot air gun. Adjust the temperature and time to get different levels of stiffness. It can be moulded using other objects. By applying pressure you can make it smooth and shiny.


Depending on the amount of heat and pressure applied, it can shrink over 30%, so you should take this into account when creating your piece.


Fosshape is 45 inches/114cm wide and price is per 0.5m cut. Orders of more than 0.5m will be sent as a single piece.


CAUTION! Under no circumstances should heated Fosshape be moulded around parts of the body, risking the danger of burns.